Strength and Beauty
Strength and Beauty

What Makes A Woman Strong?

Where does one focus in life? Most of us grow up being raised to be conscientious of others and our surroundings which is a good outer focus but not so much for the inner focus of learning to really listen to the little voice inside. Yes, we may hear it, but what do we do with it? Especially, if it is in direct discordance with what we were directly told and is now an inherited belief. It’s Complicated.

My area of focus to share with you, is to see how I can break up old ideas, thought patterns that come up for me daily and how to best avert the downer, of all the negative news out there. Simple. Not easy. I choose what I want to see, read, and think about most of my day. It is a challenging practice to not be seduced by drama, trauma but to take a comma. I pause, if I see that I am over reacting to anything. That is my personal signal.

To stop and ask myself, what is it that is bothering me and what do I want to focus on?


Boom. I now have a foundation to start an inquiry.

I then choose to move forward with insightful conversations with self or others to resolve what has come up. I stay focused on the “where” I want to be. In harmony or hell? I am willing to let go of emotions, or the mood, to see what is available to me based on what I am committed to.

Is it love or just being right?

What I choose to focus on, makes me strong. Here is what I found works for me.

Gratitude – Inner and Outer. Take a breath, be quiet, take inventory on what is great about your life, who is in it and what you do that makes you smile. Take note of how you are a contribution to yourself and others, daily. Keep looking, the “bummer” talk and equivalent mood will soon dissipate.

Be yourself, no matter what.
Be yourself, no matter what.
Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” – Janis Joplin

Setting Empowered Boundaries Creates Self Respect and Confidence.

If there is someone in your life whom you find extremely challenging on goingly and it seems to never resolve itself no matter what is said or done. Its time to rethink the relationship and how it serves your own inner anthem. Energy in always an exchange. If the exchange seems to bee discordant or draining consistrtnatly. It is time to shift the relationship and energy deficits.

Trust and Consult Your Own Intuition.

It’s always good to do your own inner research and it is powerful to hear what others have to share and contribute to you. Ultimately it is your life, your path, your body, and you have to live in it. Not them. Choose your own counsel even if you make a mistake. Growth is always happening inside mistakes. Embrace the brilliance.

Choose, Act and Build Up Others Around You.

Nothing special happens in a vacuum. It is so important to be you, move on your passions and then share them. Inside that flow there are amazing people around you who usually want to support that and want to be supported to shine their greatness too. Share and Play together because this brings new insights and intimacy to see how amazing other people can be.

Embrace Your Passion.

If you are honest with yourself you will see the passion for something you have always wanted to do but never tried or were told not to. Time to throw your hat over the fence and jump! See who you are, what you love, what your true expression is. How else will you know? Be Brave!



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