What does a BADASS GODDESS do?

  • Choose YOU First (put the mask on yourself before putting it on the child) especially when the plane is going down (so the speak). This is from a place of love and balance for all. The choice you make for you is from what you are truly passionate about, without being trapped by nor ignoring the role of fear.
  • Things You Say or to look out for : “I should do x, I could have done x,  Just one more thing and I then l’ll do that, OR … I can’t. If there is a will there is a way, always … it just may not be obvious to you.
  • Feeling Right or Wrong.  Stop, Just be you, take a breath, take a chance, then work it out.
  • You Are Never Finished! Keep discovering You are who you are in the now, stay out of the past (regret), nor be too concerned with the future (worry). Those areas are dangerous and sneaky and they keep you stuck in a spin cycle. As they say, be in the present, remember how your service affects others (whether they’re aware of it or not)? That will uplift you.
  • Be Mindful, Listen before you speak and react, don’t over promise, and make sure you feel right about every important situation. If you are promising to do something, check your calendar and mark it right then. Yes is Yes, No is No and MAYBE is a NO.
  • Love but/and don’t give a shit!  Especially when someone is telling you their negative stories, wanting you to buy into their drama and play along. They are usually oft repeated stories, and lies (perhaps unconsciously)  mixed with drama. It’s a waste of your time and heart. Those sorts of things do not serve the Ultimate Goddess Self.
  • Create Community and keep people out of boxes, refrain from serious judgement and do not indulge in separatist ideals or ways of being. What’s there to be right about? Being separate keeps you from love and open connection.
  • Be a Source and Resource for others and for yourself. NO Self Sacrifice. If you are self-LESS you are most likely under the guise of  “But, I have to” or “No one else will” “They need me, they can’t” If you are under this spell, get some support (Badass goddesses believe in being simply supportive, no conditions, and sometimes that’s just listening) to talk you off that ledge.  Those words are saying something about your beliefs, it is a sneaky way to keep you disempowered and not having what you want in life or career. Ask for support. See when that support is needed by others.
  • It’s About Excellence. How we take on anything in life is around excellence not perfection. Perfection tends to kill anything and everything amazing or creative. It will make you second guess yourself thus allowing divisive thoughts and actions that keep you in a cycle of never starting or finishing projects (and the self is truly an ongoing project).

Be a BADASS! Benevolent. Authentic. Devoted. Advocate. Sharing. Support.
What’s your BADASS or GODDESS acronym? Let us know in the comments below!!!!



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