What is your minimum wage in your art or music career?

Do you have one? Why, in the USA, is there no minimum wage for artists and musicians? In fact, much of the time musicians and artists are asked to pay for the privilege of working! They call that Pay to Play. This Pay to Play way is now making its way into other areas, touting themselves as music opportunities.

One example is in Music Sync. Music licensing for film and television.

These sites are popping up all over to make money off the hope of getting your music used in film or tv. The way it is usually set up you never know if anyone actually hears your music. There’s generally no way to know if your music actually got pitched. So really you’re paying for the hope that it might happen. You attach your music link and hit the five dollar button then wait for the response. You have just purchased hope, most likely nothing more. It’s probably better to walk down to the Seven Eleven and give them your five dollars, buy a scratch ticket and hope that you win that. At least you know where your dollar went and you can see the proof.

The truth is, no service, no person, no music supervisor, creative agency, brand, show runner, director or executive producer, or anyone else who is worth dealing with would tell you that if you pay them money they’ll get you a sync that’s worth anything.

Music is placed because it is the right music to make, or enhance, the message, story or gaming experience.

I can’t understand the logic of this except for seducing an artist into hope so one more startup can make a few bucks off people with dreams.

It’s just about making money off the back of hope.

The devaluation of music and art is systemic in a culture that prefers less quality of life or less dignity.


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