Tasty dinner!
Tasty dinner!

Well, not quite the Shakespearian take on contemplation of suicide, death, or even love spurned, but more of how does this lifestyle support me in feeling healthy and achieving some weight-loss?

I found that I lost some weight. but most of all I felt lighter, clearer and freer. However, there’s more to this idea than just food and what we should or shouldn’t eat to follow a particular diet.

I thought that was interesting as I am a person that generally feels fairly light and clear in most things I do and say. Sure, I have worked toward embodying those ideals for myself and to diligently overcome my inner conflicts, struggles and lies. It can be painfully challenging at times to truly let go. I have real compassion for everyone that goes through such things, including myself.

Spices and more!
Spices and more!

I have, like most women, worked on many levels to lose weight, or just maintain a positive inner outlook on the person I present to the world. I realize that it is mostly in my head. What I feel directly connects to how and what I think and what stories I tell myself. Often these kinds of thoughts are rooted in some sort of depreciative lie I have picked up and held on to. Sometimes someone decided they needed to tell me how unperfect I am and I decided to believe them. POWER GONE… Done.

I generally try and work on my inner self first, and then I move toward what I feel I want to experience through the outer self.

I try to see myself from both places. In my experience the greater influence is mostly how I feel inside my skin, physically, along with my inner well-being. I found that with respect to diets and food I tried over the years, what made the most sense for me was a simple, fresh, clean diet with a balance of assimilable proteins and fats. Choosing lesser processed, more toxin free choices is what I would do for my inner work, so it makes sense that a diet with that in mind brought me the best results.

Cook delicious food
Cook delicious food

I am not necessarily advocating a keto diet or lifestyle. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist so my experience is purely anecdotal. A keto styled diet seems to work great for me. I would really recommend checking with people who are authorities on fitness and nutrition, like Mark Sisson from Mark’s Daily Apple. Here’s a couple links to some of his insights on a keto diet and some very yummy recipes!

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Our bodies, minds, and spirits are complicated. We owe it to ourselves to get to know ourselves from the inside out and not the other way around. Get to know you. If we are quiet long enough you will hear the small voice talking and letting you know what feels good and what doesn’t. So, maybe instead of adopting a new diet, how about paying real close attention to the person you’re trying to make? You probably want the you that you’re making to be as toxin free as possible, built on real nutrition that works for you and your body.

We sometimes need to get the loud noise of the outside world out of our head to hear the beauty that is us.

Spice art!
Spice art!


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