Tired? 5-Insights Here!
Tired? 5-Insights Here!

Five insights on why you might be tired.

Do you wake up exhausted and pushing through your day?

Then you’ll be glad you’re reading this!

You have 70-100 trillion cells in your body and every cell goes through 100,000 chemical reactions per second!

Wow, if a machine did that it would wear-down fast!

Not your body though. Your body does this 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, year after year.

What Supports Your Body To Work Like This?

These 5 Things…

  1. Food
  2. Air
  3. Water
  4. Rest
  5. Exercise


Organic foods
Eat healthy foods for a healthy self.

If you are not eating an organic, GMO-Free, diet rich in leafy greens, you could be challenging your digestion and detox organs and unconsciously creating fatigue in your body.


Breathe deep
Get outside and breathe deep!

Are you indoors all day long?

With toxins in our furniture, walls, carpets, and personal products it’s important to take time outdoors away from cars as often as you can. Oxygen is one of the most important elements in your body! It not only gives you life but destroys the harmful bacteria in your body without affecting the beneficial bacteria that you need.


Clean water
Drink plenty of clean water.

Do you drink tap water or water in plastic bottles?

Tap water has many toxins in it including fluoride (banned in most countries), chlorine, lead, mercury and more! My last blog talked about the issues of the harmful effects of BPA in water bottles. Both of these can contribute to fatigue in your body making it work harder without getting the support it needs.


Get your rest
Get your rest…

Rest is part of a healthy routine.

How often do you push yourself to exhaustion and at the end of the day collapse into your pillow only to have challenges with a full night sleep?

If you are challenged with getting the rest you need, your body could be calling for a detox!


Exercise gives you energy
Exercise gives you energy!

You may be thinking you are too tired to exercise but did you know that exercise could give you the energy your body needs?

Exercise allows your body to utilize oxygen more optimally. It builds muscle tone and strengthens your heart, lungs and many other systems in your body.

If the above sounds like you, your body could be asking for a detox.

3-ways Detoxing Supports Your Energy and Mood:

Detoxing cleanses out your digestive tract so it runs better. When undigested food and toxins are in your intestines, your body will feel tired from trying to work through it.

Detoxes your natural cleansing organs (Liver and Gallbladder). When your body’s detox organs are clean, they work better, which allows you to have more energy and feel healthy.

Alkalines your system. When your ph is balanced you feel the results in your energy, vitality, clarity, and mood!

Is it time to have more energy and better mood?

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