Balancing Gender
Balancing Gender

The Male Perspective – Gender Balancing

Welcome to our newest section of the site, The Male Perspective, which will feature posts and articles about the male point of view as it relates to women. Our contributing author for this new column is, Greg Kerr. Greg is a former Pentagon analyst turned African green energy builder and blockchain advocate. Read about Greg’s mission, Stable Outcomes Liberia by clicking here. You can also follow Greg on Medium.

In-Group; Out-Group

Following the second World War involving Germany, behavior scientists sought to answer how and why Germans could create such destruction. Rejecting notions of inherent evil genes in Germans, scientist made advancements in the concept of “in-group; out-group.” Or how human social dynamics can easily create “us and them” scenarios.

We can see the “in-group; out-group” dynamics played out in politics, sports, economics, just about all aspects of human endeavor.

Gender is the most pervasive “in-group; out-group” dynamic in humanity. Our gender differences served to create the biggest divide among humans. Procreative capabilities heavily influence the gender roles of all living species. In humans, child bearing and rearing creates a homeward and clan focused role for women in almost all cultures.

Technology and culture overcome all of nature’s harshness. Humans living in cold climates are a testament to how culture changes the natural state to better-fit human existence. Humans didn’t just throw up their hands and say “….it’s too cold here lets go somewhere else,” instead they created Canada. Just as Canada was formed to overcome the harshness of living in Canada, humans use technology and culture to create procreative choice that shifts traditional gendered roles.

Genders Balance

The German philosopher, Hannah Arendt, demonstrates how reality is best perceived from diverse perspectives. Hannah claims, when reality is forced into a singular perspective reality is lost. Diverse perspectives are needed to discover the true reality. As we build our societies and attempt to overcome problems we need more diversity in our systems that can properly identify and solve problems.

We need more diversity in our systems that can properly identify and solve problems.

Often all female endeavors are mistaken as empowerment, when in reality they are steps in the opposite-wrong direction. All female efforts are just as guilty as all male efforts of forcing a singular perspective. Mono-gender focusing also reinforces the massive gender in-group; out-group dynamic. Our goal is to break the imbalanced cycle, not force it in the opposite direction.

Gender balancing systems in business, public policy, health care and society in general will be the best way to refine our culture.

Female Leaders
Female Leaders

Creating Female Leaders

Sheryl Sandberg in her book, Lean in, makes the argument that making female leaders is a way to start balancing global systems. Government and corporate policies can be altered to facilitate women into the ranks of public and private leadership; however, outside of policy, millennia of gender imbalanced culture has created a different risk taking calculation for men and women.

Women have extra societal pressures against risky behavior that anchor women and allow men to take more risk and reap more rewards.

This blog aims to identify, explore and recommend fixes to women’s risk taking calculus. All are invited to this conversation on how we can continue break down barriers that allow women to try, fail, try again and succeed.

Agree to succeed
Agree to succeed


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