To survive is to create
To survive is to create

These days you see and hear a lot about creative types, creative thinkers, and other ideas that seem to indicate that creativity belongs only to a select few.

Why would that be the case? I really think the majority of humans tend to be creative. I’m not saying that everyone has the same level of honed creativity. I definitely think some folks have a lot more experience than others at creative tasks.

The problem is many of us are constantly being told not to be creative.

Creativity on the whole is rather downplayed as undesirable in many cultures around the globe. You hear creativity mentioned in some corporate meetings as if it were a plague. Creative often indicates people who have no real sense, no drive, no logic. That’s simply bullshit. I’m a highly creative person by anyone’s standards, and I’m extremely logical, motivated, and have a great deal of common sense…. and I’m modest. =)

Logical thinking can be extremely creative.

I once heard a former theoretical mathematician turned fiction author being interviewed. The interviewer asked if he left the mathematics field to pursue fiction writing because it was more  creative and required greater imagination. The author replied that it was precisely because it required less imagination that he gravitated toward writing fiction. And if you stop and think about it, what could need more imagination than literally creating from the abstract?

Just because you’re creative doesn’t make you special.

At least it doesn’t make you any more special than anyone else I know. I suggest you’d be far more special if you weren’t at all creative. That said, I think creativity is one of the truly awesome things that humans excel at. However, for many if not most people that creativity is stifled or even actively discouraged. Why?

Creative thinkers are dangerous to those that want to hold power over others.

It’s that simple. If we all thought creatively, if we all made up our own minds, it would be much harder to control us. It would be much more difficult to keep us placated and placid as drones in the workforce. The powers that be love to remind us if we don’t put aside our wants and do what is necessary that our whole system might collapse. They rant that there would be anarchy… Bullshit again. It would only erode or take away the power that is wielded by the power-hungry, that’s about it.

Humans survived and evolved precisely because they were creative, not in spite of it.

Thus, it stands to reason that the majority of modern humans share the genetic material of those beings that could think creatively enough to survive in harsh conditions. Which should give the powers that be pause about fucking with us too much. If the conditions they impose grow harsh enough, creative thinkers might decide to end the systems that give power to the small-minded. I actively encourage this.

It won’t be a lack of creativity that does humans in. It’ll be the apathy of accepting things as they are that screws us.

That said, I really feel that there’s enough of that old genetic material lying around inside us all that we won’t put up with being told we have to conform. This isn’t some last act of defiance fuck you, it’s a we’ll fuck you if you try force your conformity on us. So I say to those who wish to force their way of thinking, or lack thereof, on me, ask yourself “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?


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