Thanksgiving 2018!
Thanksgiving 2018!

Thanksgiving 2018, we all have lots to be thankful for and are looking forward to family, friends, and a day of relaxation and a cozy holiday experience.

Well, think again! Nope, it’s actually like a full workday plus the family visiting part and relaxation. Don’t get me wrong this is all kind of a self imposed gift of Thankfulness but you can’t escape the obvious. It’s a day’s work.

The marathon to the big day, if we break it all down, usually starts a week out or more.

It begins with shopping and preparing (if you are the host) for the special day and of course, one is on high alert, code red and stressed out. List in one hand while pushing the shopping cart with the other.

After you get through the nightmare of parking, angry rude people, shopping carts with children and cute dogs parked sideways in the isle, you arrive at the 35 minute wait at the checkout, just to buy the food.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re excited people are coming, and you know all the shopping, the lines, and so on will all be worth it. Now is the time to use your secret weapon. Your mantra: Breathe, Let Go, Relax!!

The kitchen is never just about cooking...
The kitchen is never just about cooking…

Don’t forget (before you shop) that you might need to make sure whoever is coming doesn’t have special requirements or restrictions and if that is not the case, you’ll need to add any “specialness” to the list.

Which brings us to the day of Thanksgiving. Everyone trickles in starting around noon, Of course you said 3 pm so you could have the kitchen to yourself and no one will be asking questions and chatting inevitably leading to delays in your ever so tight cooking schedule!!!!. Not to mention your are still in your robe until 2 pm cooking.

The feast!
The feast!

It’s now 3 pm the Turkey has been cooking, everyone is completely here and the crazy begins. Half of the assembled guests have no idea why they are there and or what they might be grateful for.

To add to the mayhem the kitchen helicoptering and nibbling makes for an extra nervous hungered time and a deep desire to yell. But. You say your mantra: Breathe, Let Go, Relax!! …adding mental note, oh.. and …SMILE.

You finally sit down, everyone eats, toasts and has a thirty second moment for what they are grateful. Thats a struggle for some. Then you are on to the pie and of course, Scotch. After that it’s dishes time, and there is no one to be found. You let it go and say your mantra: Breathe, Let Go, Relax!! …(small voice) have another Scotch.

Scotch, wine, and other food groups...
Scotch, wine, and other food groups…

It’s now 5:40pm and the serious drinking is in full swing for the guests. It’s more of a Hunter S. Thompson-esque haze of unfilled time in which overstuffed, tipsy diners wander, asking one another overly nosy questions, and while the other half are just waiting to leave. Me too!!! (realization) Oh right, I live here!

So, I say 4 pm is the best time to eat and complete, otherwise the work day would continue into the wee hours of the morning. For you, the host, it’s the countdown until they leave. Not to say that you don’t love, and dearly appreciate your family and friends.

But it’s just a lot to deal with all on a day you want to be thankful and actually rest. My suggestions is to cater, or go to someone else house and don’t forget to bring the Scotch! HappyThanksgiving!

Glenda Benevides –

After dinner drinks and chats
After dinner drinks and chats

Your mantra: Breathe, Let Go, Relax!!



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