Speaking Truth Album Cover
Speaking Truth Album Cover

Speaking Truth, your truth – in music and in living lives that make a difference.

In my earlier years I was always taught to tell the truth. My parents were always supportive of me speaking my own thoughts and truth. I felt quite fortunate to have lived with people who saw me as an individual, someone who had a voice and should speak it. Grateful to my parents, one less hurdle to jump over in life as a human and a woman.

1980s, waiting to go on stage
1980s, waiting to go on stage

As I journeyed in life, based on my own inner clarity and strength nothing much stopped me along the way. I am now in middle age and I am still going as if I were twenty and I loving it. I have passion for life, I’m healthy and have more clarity as the days go by. It’s been an ongoing evolution of the self and a big part of that, for me, is music expression.

In my ongoing self-expression, music has always been a huge focus…

Five years ago, I took on diving deep into my own personal practice of singing, just for the sake of singing and expression, with no gigs in sight. What happened along the way was magical.

I saw the power of doing things just for the sake of passion and pure expression. I knew I wanted to vocally improve and I knew that NOT singing was actually in conflict with me being a professional vocalist. Do the math. No singing equals less than strong vocal prowess.

I began creating a practice of full self expression that generated a confidence I hadn’t had for a very long while. I found a new expression, a new direction, in areas I didn’t know I was going to develop. With that I started to have confidence in other areas of life and that led me to find the music partner of my dreams.

So, five years in, I have a great friend, music partner, and producer. We have an amazing studio that matches my energy and goals in life. This reflection of speaking my desires was ultimately empowering created an opening of no limits.

It has been a journey of passion, self expression and speaking my truth – true gifts I have been given on this journey.

Glenda on stage in the 90s
Glenda on stage in the 90s

With that, I want to talk about our new record album, “Speaking Truth.”

I feel the title “Speaking Truth” expresses who I am in music, in love, in politics, and as a reflection of a way of life that is authentic and genuine. A way of living that I lean into, and I hope to inspire others to stand up and speak what is in their hearts. This is a time, a moment, an hour of need for us all to stand up, get behind our dreams, desires, and passions. Stand up for what we believe. Jump in with no apologies, just our own ideas for changing things and making a difference.

Especially now, in this pressure cooker climate, we need to get up, get out, speak our truth. Certainly, now is the time to make our mark and use our voices. You could join a non-profit, volunteer, roll up your sleeves and say, I helped make that change. And right now, above all, you can vote. Make your voice heard!

It’s time to take the liberties we still have and put them into action. It’s not the time to sleep, it’s time to wake up, move, and speak your truth.

It’s not the time to sleep, it’s time to wake up, move, and speak your truth

If we want to effect change we need to speak our truth and use our voice. Time to be heard no matter what you think, red, blue, black, white, gendered or fluid, get into action and make sure you vote.

Music can uplift the heart and inspire. We feel that this new record, Speaking Truth, is a collection of songs that is both a call to arms, and a collection of songs to inspire people to rise up and share their truth.

Maybe you’ll find your own passionate anthem or inner truth on this album… And then speak out and share it with others! We’d love to hear feedback or comments about where you took your own journey into Speaking Truth!

Speaking Truth will be available in all major outlets (iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc.) on October 26th.

Pre save the album by clicking here!

Glenda Benevides – mirrorspeaksthetruth.com

Glenda, at the Edinburgh Blues and Rock Festival, 2017
Glenda, at the Edinburgh Blues and Rock Festival, 2017


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