The March on Washington 1963
The March on Washington 1963

Why are we so willing to separate or segregate ourselves from each other?

Why are we so willing to not question things? Do we just regurgitate what someone else says or jump to believe what some institution may tell us? Because they are the authority? What makes them an authority?  Why are they gods of knowing but I’m not? Why don’t I trust myself? Can I let someone else’s opinions become mine without asking the question: What do I think or feel?

Have we forgotten to just think and feel for ourselves? To Question?

Are we so afraid to take responsibility  for our lives, choices and stand behind something we feel is right? Why are we so overwhelmed by paying bills and going into debt to get “things” we really don’t want, in hopes of making us feel better, be prettier, stronger, faster more or or or???  Are we so crazy running to get somewhere, feel important, feel loved, and so on that we have lost our sight of what is truly important?

Have we just enslaved ourselves into a meaningless wheel of nonsense?

Living with an ongoing sense of emptiness and lies keeps us strapped into a fast-moving car heading towards a wall…. hmmm… Interesting isn’t it?

If we were to just stop for one minute, breathe deep, relax, and ask the question: Am I truly enjoying my life, what is this for, what am I doing? Why am I doing X, how am I feeling right now, where is it I want to go next?

After we answer a few key questions like those above for ourselves, I believe we should ask a few more like; How can I be a contribution to the world and people around me? What are my true passions? Am I being truly real with myself? How can I shift out of being stuck if that’s where I find myself? What do I enjoy? I know these aren’t always simple questions and you may have already went down those roads more than once. You may have answered a few or all of these and now… now there is more to ask. I believe, like anything, it takes a minute to settle in, to clear out the noise in our heads and really ask. Then, listen.

I believe the stories and noise we create and allow into our lives keeps us Separate and Segregated not only from others but from ourselves, too.

This leaves us open to bombardment by opinions, doctrines, and rules that dictate how we much feel, think and eventually how to be.  This is a great tool to manipulate people, to insure everyone falls in line. Thus, one becomes a proper member of whatever tribe. This then puts us in a situation where we lose our sense of self, ideas, and full expression. It keeps us afraid of others that have a different or unique way of living life. It stops creativity and keeps us all in an illusion of shackles… We then become slaves to fear and anything we do not understand naturally becomes a threat. Really, all we want is understanding, acceptance, kindness, to be treated with respect, and most of all to feel loved.


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