Real Self Focus
Real Self Focus

How do you start your day? Rushed or in flow? Any real self focus?

Do you jump up when the alarm goes off and spend the next hour rushing around to get things ready for the day, then off to work like a speed demon?
Make time for self focus
Make time for self focus
Boy oh boy your cortisol levels are through the roof and your probably gonna pay for it!
Are you the gal that prepares for the next day the night before?
Well, I am the night before gal and sometimes I find myself in the scenario, what I picked out the night before was good then but now, it’s not. Ii’s still great to plan and prepare the night before, but now I add more outfit options, and I add more time to give myself freedom and time to focus on my inner thoughts.
I add more time to give myself freedom and time to focus on my inner thoughts.
It helps me breathe in the day when I can ask myself, how do I feel today? What do I want to create? or What would I like to change today? This approach doesn’t hurry my energy, it allows me to flow and live into being present to me as my day unfolds. This is preparation and respect.
More Options
More Options
Flow, Me, What, Time? Yes, I know, it’s tends to be a foreign concept for a lot of us, even if we think we are totally focused on ourselves for five minutes as we get dressed. That is not self focus, that is focus to get to whats next. The process to get out the door to miss traffic. The sneaky thoughts tell us we are focusing on self. Because what you”think you do” and “what you do” are two different things. Self focus is reflective of our choices and our actions. This you will feel and experience. Choosing you will have an outcome. Example:  Let’s use going to an event as an example. So you promised to go to a special event a friend is putting on, you say, yes, and then the day of, you do “crazy town” production. This is how it goes. Your thoughts: It’s the day of the event your promised to go to. Your friend is excited to see you and you want to go, but your body or  emotions say, I am tired, I need to rest… or, I feel like it’s too far away and I’ll probably end up sitting in traffic, plus my back hurts and so on and so on. Choice. You either make yourself go in pain, go against how you feel, or you blow it off. Or maybe you call to say you can’t come but it’s last minute. Anyway you cut it, there’s consequences. Either with you, your friend, your integrity, or all the above! Most of us choose to go to the event and endure the self-torture, period. The stress just thinking of the options makes going seem easier, but actually it’s only a momentary head relief, but longer term suffering and other damage is sometimes on the horizon… or after you’ve had a few drinks.
By choosing ourselves and our well-being first, you ground yourself where peace of mind and love live….
A good friend of mine always says: We live and Die by the choices we make. I would also add that this is how we train people to see and experience us by our commitments and choices we make.  All of us must own the things we choose and learn that by choosing ourselves and our well-being, first, is where peace of mind and love live. Because if you are not healthy, not well or otherwise suffering, then so is everyone else in your presence. I find that taking time to plan, allowing me to feel my feelings, to be present to being alive… this makes the day easier for all my commitments and choices to unfold with flow. DAY PLAN
  • Set alarm with enough time to do a inner check in – me time, breathe deep – and get up – no snooze button
  • Plan the day before, what you want to create for the next day, and what to wear. Have choices that empower you (avoiding potential panic and frustration if you don’t like something)
  • Then do it! Off on the day’s journey with flow and clarity
This is not about managing other peoples feelings, needs or expectations. We cannot be responsible for that, but we can give them respect through our own choices and actions.
Bowl of morning love
Cup of morning love


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