Passion and Fear
Passion and Fear


Two reasons to stop what you are doing and reassess…

I want to share a few thoughts about having Passion and having Fear.

Passion: strong and barely controllable emotion. In this instance I’m defining passion as what we deeply want to do in life.

When I embrace my sincere passion for something, align with that inner desire, things just seem to work out and flow in my life. When I also align with people that are honest and authentic it becomes even more obvious. I feel consistently transported to a Yes! and then the feelings of real freedom become ever more present in my psyche. When all that comes together everything seems possible and attainable.

I believe what people may call passion are someone’s dreams, childhood fantasies (anyone ever want to be a rock star?), and so on. Often, passions are seen as not real or it is defined as something unobtainable. I’d like to offer a different perspective.

It is never too late for Passion

Passion can be a key to a more enriched life and it is most definitely food for my soul. I sincerely believe all our inner mental and emotional landscapes are filled with amazing creations waiting and desiring to become manifest.

We can make our desires real, in our universe, by believing and acting on what we say is true, real, and authentic.

Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

I ask: What if I focus on fear?

If I choose out of fear, it drives me to push things out, put things off or just ignore whatever is demanding or draining my attention.

But if I pause and sit with it, I can then start relating to fear as if it is REAL (because it is). Relating to fear as something real, as something to sit with and understand is crucial in understanding that fear is there to help, not hinder. If I push fear away or deny it, that becomes a wonderful setup to second-guess myself, which then erodes my over all confidence in all that I do and say.

It’s much easier to understand if we are talking about fear as reaction to a physical threat. Like warning me that a lioness with babies is approaching me. That type of fear is definitely an asset. Time to act and run! Ok well, maybe I wouldn’t get that far but, the point is a physical threat is dangerous and not an illusion.


Every emotion we have is a definition of something inside, an echo of a belief or feeling seeking to manifest and express itself. It exists from what we believe or maybe what we desire to be true. Fear is a powerful emotion that can be a messenger to tell you you are out of alignment with who you are (or it can be warning you a wolf is ready to attack). Don’t shut it off… listen. Don’t walk away… wait. Don’t overcome… become one with…. It is you, and it’s not there to hurt. It’s there to help.

Letting go of grief, letting go sadness, judgement, forgiving the self, regret, letting go of all the things that lower your vibration starts with or maybe in fear. To be free and to be whole is not to be without fear it is to treat it as another noble part of you.… Fear can help you see these things clearly and show you where the more insidious ones are lurking, waiting to ambush you….

How do I stop it … How do I stop the fear, any fear? Sometimes we really need to shake it off, to move through it, and I get that. After that passes, after you’re past the immediate threat and it comes back, or the situation keeps coming up, how do we deal with that recurring fear, the life throttling, passion killing variety?

You don’t stop it. You befriend your fear. You listen. It can be very sneaky given how most of us have been taught to deal with fear. You have years of believing in what you were told about fear and how to treat it… That can take a bit of undoing. Instead of relying on the common cures for fear, think of it as a child that wants something. She has figured out how to get what she wants from you by manipulating your vulnerabilities, because until you start really listening, that’s the only way fear has to communicate.

What we focus on is what we create
What we focus on is what we create

If you free it from those constraints, really listen, suddenly fear can become your ally because at it’s core fear is trying to help, keep you safe. It’s the often incorrect interpretations of fear that keep us confused, paralyzed, and defensive. Embracing fear can free, liberate, and guide.

What are we focusing on?
What is the reality I am intentionally shifting into?
What is relevant to the path of excitement ?

What we focus on is what we create

In the case of fear the danger is not focusing on what fear is saying, and instead simply focusing on the emotion of fear.

In the case of passion, not focusing on what you are passionate about denies it the energy to thrive.

There will doubtless be more about both passion and fear in upcoming posts. Like anything these simple things have complex attributes, and in their complexities lie simple truths.

For all the difficulties of attaining and nurturing passions, at their core they are what we create, our focus.

And in all the seemingly overwhelming aspects of fear, it is simply there to help us. If we focus on the fear it can debilitate, if we focus on what fear is saying to us, it can keep us safe and help us thrive.



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