The Outlands - Scotland
The Outlands – Scotland

My thoughts. What does it mean to be an Outlander, a foreigner and stranger?

I’m not talking about the most amazing hot and sexy series on Starz. The one that tends to spark fantasies about the man (or woman) of our dreams, and there’s certainly some pretty amazing…. kilts!

Which brings me to when I was last visiting Scotland.

I was remembering how fragile and outside one feels when we go visit other countries, or heck, just a going alone to a new restaurant on the other side of town.

It feels strange, foreign, and makes one feel a little uneasy, unsure with the unfamiliar surroundings. Uneasy thoughts like, what will I say if someone talks to me, will have anything important to say that makes a connection with them. Not just saying, “Hi, have a nice day” or the sheer sweating anticipation of hoping they speak my language! So I tell myself, just look away, look down, and they won’t bother to ask you anything. Which is strange because you want to stop feeling like an outsider in the first place and feel comfortable. Right!?

As a musician who has traveled most of my life, I always feel at home on one level wherever I go but on another note I feel the outlander energy covering me like a neon sign. Screaming, she’s not from here and then the niggling insecurity creeps on in. Of course my reaction to that is, nope, hit this nonsensical feeling head on.

So, I smile or go up to someone and say something. Done. Spell broken.

The simple act of connecting, even in a small way, almost always brings positive results. It helps that I have a performance background, sure, but the concept is still the same. Reach out. Reach across. Share yourself, even a little bit….

I try to never shrink into a corner of I am alone, cause I know most of us feel this on some level. I figure we are all outlanders whether it be that we are visiting or it’s a made up impression in our head. The sign below reminds me that I am always welcome wherever I am.

Edinburgh Society Of Musicians
Edinburgh Society Of Musicians

Inside myself or in the outside world. I am of the company of musicians. That as a musician, I help to create a place and experience of comfort, belonging, joy, and community. I also try and share what’s new, unique, or sometimes strange, with people. I try and embrace the outlander vibe, and as my partner says, “Thats my job.

I am blessed and grateful to be an artist who has gotten to travel the world being the outlander that I am. Sharing my life energy, stories of love, of heartache and how I made it through, how we all can make it through.

If that makes me an outlander then I will always continue to push the boundaries and go beyond the borders.
Steps to another time and place
Steps to another time and place


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