Michelle Melendez
Michelle Melendez

Ive been a fitness expert since 1996.

That’s over 20-years of training women all over the world to live in a body they love. When you’ve struggled with your weight year after year, you become emotionally addicted to the struggle. I’ve discovered ways to release that addiction so you get the results and relief you want. I want you to discover a new way to think and feel about your body, your life, and the world!

I told this story to a live audience of about 65 people. OMG!

I never thought I would EVER tell strangers how much I hated my body growing up and especially why I hated it.

Today, I’m free from the self-hatred I had in my youth and more confident in who I am and how much I love my body no matter what!

I simply love to teach women how to feel this. I know all of you CAN live in a body you love!

I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1996. There’s NOTHING on the planet I’d rather do than teach women how to love their body and get the results they want!

My mission in life is to show women the secret to living in a body they love and help them release shame, embarrassment and guilt around their weight loss journey. Don’t be at the end of your life regretting the things you didn’t do because of your weight. You can have and feel something different in your body! Let me teach you how. It’s time. =)


fitpro Michelle Melendez
fitpro Michelle Melendez

Michelle has studied human behavior as it relates to body image and weight for over 20-years. Her teachings help women release their emotional addiction to living in a body they don’t love so they are free and happy to enjoy their lives. We’re excited that she has agreed to enlighten us as a guest author on Global Badass Goddess!

Visit Michelle’s Women Being Fit site to learn more!




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