Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, née Elizabeth Barrett, (born March 6, 1806, near Durham, Durham county, England—died June 29, 1861, Florence, Italy), English poet whose reputation rests chiefly upon her love poems, Sonnets from the Portuguese and Aurora Leigh, the latter now considered an early feminist text. Her husband was Robert Browning.

Elizabeth never received any formal education, but she loved to read. By age eight she had learned to read Homer in the original Greek and had begun to write poetry.

In 1826, she published anonymously, An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems, an attempt, as she later noted, to survey history, science, metaphysics (the fundamental nature of reality and being), and poetry from classical Greece to the Victorian day in eighty-eight pages.

Elizabeth’s fascination with metaphysics and religion became somewhat of an obsession that she described as, “not the deep persuasion of the mild Christian but the wild visions of an enthusiast.”

Despite her illness and poor health she turn a corner when beginning a relationship with poet Robert Browning. They went on to be married and it was said, “England’s most famous literary love affair.”

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