Frequently our thoughts are not more than adumbrated (great word…) by the meager understanding that passes for knowledge.

Our culture is alarmingly willing to believe whatever we read on social media. Like fake news, lies about fake news, and corporate sponsored news broadcasts. When did real life become so uncomfortable that we choose to operate in a way that values made up bullshit over facts? Understand, I certainly see the value in escapism. I can see value in fantasy, in choosing to always look on the bright side of life – insert whistling –  especially when being crucified. How is it that such a belief in fiction has somehow supplanted common sense and due diligence?

When a friend lies to you about anything meaningful it devalues the friendship and they are implying you don’t deserve the truth.

That’s why one feels betrayed when they find they’ve been lied to. Why are we suddenly accepting and forgiving of the lies propagated by our news media, our leaders, and all the people in our social media feeds? Where is the feeling of betrayal? Is this how we now interact with each other? Making up what we’d like to believe. Using a support group of like-minded people to bolster our assumptions, even when those assumptions have no basis in fact?

Political leaders lie to the face of their followers over and over. They simply shirk the responsibility of their word, of any form of integrity. When that sometimes goes too far, when people do start to react against an obvious lie, apologies are offered… As if apologizing doesn’t just rub salt deeper into the wound….

Yet that’s what we do. If I were to walk up to someone on the street, someone who doesn’t know me at all, and say to them, “the streetlights here don’t work and cars always stop for pedestrians, please cross the street whenever you want…” And if they didn’t automatically walk into the street and die a horrible death, they would quickly observe and have hard evidence that I had lied to them. The likelihood of that person believing anything else I said has plummeted dramatically. They probably don’t assume that I have a history of lying. If they did know I had a long history of deception they would likely not have listened at all.

The scenario described above seems to hold merit, common sense. Yet, over the last several years I’ve watched one politician after another be caught in outright lies. Only the worst of them get apologized for. WTF??? Why do we elect people like that? I mean I don’t have a lot of trust of politicians in the first place. I grew up in the Nixon era, but in that era, when you were caught in a lie it very likely ended your political career. Now we put people in the White House for doing the same thing.

Don’t blame this on the younger generations. In fact, younger people seem to be less tolerant of this kind of deception than people over thirty do at this particular juncture of time….

It’s a creepy kind of mob mentality…

Not wolves hunting down prey…. but mad dogs tearing apart anything they momentarily view as a threat to their way of thinking.


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