Sheep Heid Inn
Sheep Heid Inn, Edinburgh

Last summer I visited, Edinburgh for a performance at the Rock and Blues Festival. Besides having a great time singing and performing we sampled some fantastic Scottish cuisine!

The Sheep Heid Inn – Duddingston Village

The Inn is said to be one of the oldest in Scotland. An Inn has stood on this site since the 16th century. In 1580 King James VI presented the landlord of the Sheep Heid Inn with an embellish shed rams head. HUH?? I said.. NOOO ..BUT It the Inn was seriously very quaint with old world charm and of course modern BATHROOMS. YAY!!

Also down the street for all you OutLander fans the Bonnie Prince Charlie had a cottage which he then held his Council of War before the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745. WHOA! Well, that is a little history and the rest is now in my history book with my amazing music partner, writer and everything, Gene Williams. Before we played the Edinburgh Rock and Blues Festival we took one night to really focus on a wonderful meal. So Gene was online looking around and found the Sheep Heid Inn. I told him a few days back that one of my requirements was that it had traditional- local food and that the reviews were stellar good! Well Jackpot! The best Chicken Pot Pie that ever passed my thighs plus a bonus! and my favorite pudding desert! My God was a moist. Spotted Dick! YES, mouth was watering in advance for some Spotted Dick.. I know you are asking right now… HUH?? WHAT did she just say? Yes, look it up! It’s amazing …

Desert... Yummmm!
Desert… Yummmm!

The next added surprise about this place was, and final clincher to go there, Her Mrs Royal Hiney, The Queen of England had just visited and she loved it! OK DONE! I screamed, We are going, make a reservation! So Gene did.. Well, at least he tried. I think the online reservations were down, so we had to figure out how to call and make them.. Trust me, easier said than done. They don’t call it the OLD WORLD for no reason!

In addition to the fantastic food, the Sheep Heid offers

  • Fantastic ambiance and history
  • Great Staff
  • Excellent drinks menu
Outside the Sheep's Heid Inn
Outside the Sheep Heid Inn

Spotted Dick


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