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March 21 – April 20

Venus brings exiting opportunities within love this month, watch for flirtation and romance! Why not suggest that night out or break Aries! From March 5th – 20th watch for a blast from the past, but do not act in haste. With mercury in retrograde entering your charts on the 5th, expect a mystery month. You will achieve more than you ever planned around the end of the month, also expect change on the job front or home improvements. A very eventful month, also Jupiter brings balance by the 29th. Wear black for mystery and number 15 will bring you luck. Coco Chanel recommends “coco mademoiselle”for ladies and “egoiste platinum”fragrance for new age man. Have a good month Aries.


October 23 – November 21

Your confidence will boom this month taurus expect exiting times around mid month as Venus brings in warmth and affection. Focus on career this month Taurus as this is a good month for starting new projects. This Spring equinox and Uranus entering your charts will bring you nice surprises, but also give you stability and good grounding roots for the year ahead. Number 17 holds the key for love and happiness. Around the 28th expect big news. Take your time on making decisions this month Taurus as Mercury in retrograde might get you into hot water, on the whole though a good month, coco recommends “Gabrielle Chanel” for ladies and ”Allure” for new age man. Have a good month Taurus.


May 22 – June 21

Uranus brings you your big awakening, so look deep within and you won’t go wrong gemini! Finances may have been a struggle lately, but this month you will be in a position for positive change. March is a good month for romance. Maybe you are already in a relationship or looking for a new one! Never the less expect change as Venus sweeps through your charts mid month. Mercury retrograde may cause obstacles around the 6th to the 17th so be patient! By the 21st on full moon take time to rest and reflect and practice the law of attraction, as new opportunities await you! Wear white for change as the sun in Neptune brings in new confidence for you, bringing you to top form by the end of the month. Coco recommends “Chanel 19″ for ladies and “Chanel bleu” for new age man. Have a good month Gemini.


June 22 – July 23

This month Saturn will influence you on your career and help you to achieve your goals. All your hard work will pay off this month Cancer, expect expansion and growth. Also this is the time to meet your loved one half way either within a relationship or a family member, if you have been experiencing difficulties lately, try looking at things from a different angle, this will bring you balance and healing. Time to reevaluate your life style as your health issues have been neglected, maybe your thinking of changing your diet or trying out the gym, planning meals is valuable this month for you, as you will be very busy. Around the 17th/20th expect news around family affairs. Also this full moon will bring the unexpected and this will make you smile. Number 10 is your lucky number. Coco recommends  “Chanel number 5” for ladies and “Chanel por Monsieur” for new age man. Have a good month Cancer.


July 23 – August 22

Leo mars is been moving through your charts this month bringing you positive change, your confidence will rise and your energy will improve. Try to take your time on decision making around the 16th to the 28th as Mercury retrograde could rock you. Mars and the Sun will be in your charts this coming week, so this will level out any influence from Mercuries negative energy, expect nice surprises by the 21st and a tall dark stranger just could be what you have been waiting for! Time to take that break Leo.  Wear grey for important meetings as the 20th – 22nd brings nice change your way, full moon this month will bring a change of heart. Coco recommends “Coco Chanel” for ladies and “Chanel egoiste” for new age man. Have a good month Leo.


August 22 – September 23

Virgo this is your month. With Mercury going retrograde in your love zone around the 26th try to be patient and count to 10 as this will pass quickly, as Uranus brings big change and the unexpected. Sun in Neptune brings your emotions to a peak, so try to keep balanced with tigers eye crystal. Family affairs will be busy this month, so try to take time out and rest to keep yourself uplifted. Around the 20th expect new beginnings, no turning back virgo! A lot of soul searching this month virgo! This month is channeling but good!  As good times await. Out with the old in with the new! Wear purple for luck. Coco recommends  “Chanel 19” for ladies and Chanel allure homme” for new age man. Have a good month Virgo.


September 24 – October 23

Oh, what a month libra! Mercury in retrograde is in your health zone this month, so try to get balance and take time to relax. Practice the law of attraction, as positive attracts positive! Your life will change for the better with Uranus entering your charts and new moon will bring positive change. Around the 13th mars will bring magic and lovely surprises. Along with super moon by the end of the month you will gain strength and hope. Wear red for passion and 29 holds the key to romantic change. Coco recommends  “Chanel no 5″ for ladies and “Chanel por Monsieur” for new age man. Have a good month libra!


October 24 – November 23

March will bring passion into your life, as Mercury retrograde enters in to your charts, this will bring massive change for the better! But with Uranus also entering in, this will balance out any negative energy pushing it back! Expect big change in your love life, be it in a relationship or single, as this month could reveal your twin flame! New moon is in Pisces this month will bring positive change around the 11th – 12th, super moon will awaken your true you and help to achieve your life goals! Scorpio power for you this month, even though you will be tested around the 19th – 20th. Wear blue for luck.  Coco recommends “Coco Mademoiselle “for ladies and “Chanel bleu “for new age man. Have a good month scorpio!


November 24 – December 21

Pisces new moon on March 6th and Mercury retrograde on March 5th could cause conflict so expect a challenge Sagittarius. Try to keep positive and grounded as this will pass, let go of negative thoughts, over all you are healing from the past, so let it go! Balance this month as family affairs will improve with Pisces new moon and Uranus passing through your charts. Time to spring clean your life! The sun will bring in love and romance and Jupiter will bring positive change. By the end of the month Mars zooms into your love sector restoring peace again, number 20 holds the joy! Coco recommends “Chanel 19″ for ladies and “Chanel allure homme sport” for men. Have a good month Sagittarius!


December 22 – January 20

What a month for Capricorn as Uranus will bring big change for you from home life, love life to career! Mercury retrograde could bring confusion, so watch out for a blast from the past new moon this month will shut one door and open another.  Around the 11th – 12th the moon will join with Mars and every thing will fall into place. Around the 20th this will give you a new lease of life so watch for your confidence to sky rocket. Super moon will bring you new job prospects. Spring is in the air giving you a helping hand this month, wear brown for balance! Coco recommends “Chanel no 5″ for ladies and “Chanel antaeus” for new age man. Have a good month Capricorn!


January 21 – February 19

Transformation is happening for you this month Aquarius with Uranus entering your charts this will bring harmony. Life has been hard for you lately, but with Mercury retrograde passing through your charts this will shake up any loose ends, bringing peace and balance again. New moon this month will enlighten your mood and around the 11th Mars and the moon will influence you to make personal changes in your home life. Mid month follow your heart not your head! Mars sweeps out of your charts as the sun will enter in bringing new hope and happiness for you by end of the month. A very productive month. Wear Green for luck and Sunday will bring unexpected love into your circle! Coco recommends “Chanel 19″ for ladies and “Chanel de bleu” for new age man. Have a good month Aquarius!


February 19 – March 20

Pieces this is your month for tying up loose ends, with new moon in your house on the 6th this will be your time for reflexion. March is taking you through a souls journey to help to put things into perspective. New moon will square up with Jupiter bringing every thing together, from career to relationships. Mercury in retrograde will enter your sign from the 5th to the 28th so try to keep grounded, as this will clear up any loose ends that have been upsetting you recently. By the 26th Venus will sweep in, bringing happiness and fun back into your love life again. A productive month for spiritual ascension. Coco recommends “Chanel number 5” for ladies and  Chanel bleu” for new age man. Have a good month Pisces.






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