Global Badass Goddess Podcast

Global Badass Goddess Magazine is excited to announce our Global Badass Goddess Podcast – March 1,  2019

A special thank-you to all the Global Badass Goddesses who take the time to read our magazine and sign up to receive our weekly articles. This supports our amazing authors who share their talent, insights and empowerment with us.


We are launching our weekly Goddess Podcast on March 1st. Now you can hear our moving stories and interviews while on the move. The GBG podcast will also be available on our Youtube channel in the near future.

Global Badass Goddess Podcast focuses on inspiring and empowering our listeners. We share insights on how we meet our day to day challenges, while celebrating our moving, awe-inspiring and triumphant moments. We are mindfully conscious, fully self-expressed, fun loving humans asking who we are and how we make a difference in our lives and careers.

BADASS – Beautiful. Authentic. Devoted. Advocate. Sexy. Sassy.

GODDESS – Giving. Orgasmic. Determined. Divine. Entrepreneur. Simple. Support.

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You can listen right here on the site!

We’re also available on Libsyn with more coming soon!


Global Badass Podcast


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