Jo Anna with Sarah Blakey
Jo Anna with Sarah Blakey

Fresh from my mastermind and I am pumped!

Have you ever been to a seminar and got so pumped up that you swore this was the answer you had been looking for and your life will change forever from this day forward? 30 days later you can’t remember why you ever went, life is hard you can’t possibly ​change​ it now, and you go back to your comfort zone.

​Why do we do this to ourselves?

Where did it all go wrong?

How do we keep the fire burning?

Today I’m not only pumped up, but I’m making the necessary changes that I saw in my mastermind. I hope you read what I wrote – MASTERMIND is what makes the difference from just going to a seminar to going to something spectacular.

Andrew Carnegie was the original mastermind guru if you will. He formed a mastermind with over 50 men for his famous steel business. He said, ”No two minds ever come together without, thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind” explained Napoleon Hill.

Henry Ford came out of poverty due to his mastermind with Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs they called themselves the four vagabonds. He surrounded himself with wealthy and smart individuals. Though they didn’t call it a mastermind back then, but you get the point.

So the reason the dial is moving for me and my business is not just because I went to a seminar, its because I invested in a mastermind and it seems to me that I’m never without an answer to my next, right best step.

Masterminds are like going to the gym and having a personal trainer that gets you pumped and you see results!

It wasn’t’ always this way. I had to start the separation from my comfort zone. My friends, family and comrades that were not playing on the level I was going to, needed to have less of my time. Because as the saying goes “you are who you surround yourself with -if it’s 4 broke people, you will be the 5th.” So why not hang out with 4 millionaires so you can be the fifth?

Seminars are like going to the gym, useful and somewhat motivating yet masterminds are like going to the gym and having a personal trainer that gets you pumped and you see results!

I surround myself with not just millionaires but billionaires. Seen here with Sarah Blakey (feat image at the top of the article), I was able to learn more about her and how she thinks in an interview.

Fresh from Mastermind
Fresh from Mastermind

I’m letting you know she is on a mission to empower women and let the feminine power rise again. This is how you keep the fire burning and don’t look back.

For more, visit Jo Anna’s website, Bottom Line Wealth!

Making it happen…
Jo Anna



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