Friday Fashion

January is always a time of reflection, renewal and resolutions. So I’ve decided, why not rejuvenate my wardrobe and make this year all about showing what inspires me on the inside to everyone else.

Vogue’s newly released Spring 2019 collection is entitled ‘Off White’ – and as that person whose singing Christmas hits in December: I’ll always be supportive of extending that wintry, holiday feeling for as long as possible. Currently in high street stores you’ll find a lot of seventies and vintage inspired mustard, maroon and dark orange trousers, all of which can pair neatly with an off white sweater. A long flare pant can extend and slim the leg, particularly with a high heeled boot.

This look can be both everyday wear, or (with a more dynamic makeup look) for dinner and a show. Underneath is the combination I was sporting for a Berkeley Repertory musical on Saturday night:

Friday Fashion

In makeup trends, bold lime green eyeliner is currently the craze amongst top models, which I think we should give a miss this January. It has a tendency to look haphazard and distracting – and who has the time to find liner in that shade?

For more new year mix-ups, you could make the commitment to buy more fashion sustainably in 2019. Stylish second-hand stores are awash here in Berkeley, but if that’s not the case in your location, throw a swishing party! Get all your closest friends together and trade pieces you never get around to wearing. You might get something you’d never envision buying yourself!

That’s all for January, see you next month!

Aoife O’Connor



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