Everything Intuitive with Jennifer
Everything Intuitive with Jennifer

Welcome to our newest feature Everything Intuitive with Jennifer!

Hello to all, my name is Jennifer and I’m filled with joy to have the opportunity to be a new contributor for this amazing magazine!
I’m looking forward to sharing some otherwordly insights with all of you!

Do you believe that life exists beyond our world? Do believe that our loved ones watch over us and give us signs of their continued existence from the spirit realm?

I wanted to share with you a story of a father and daughter who are trying to heal together after a devastating loss. I hope their experience can help someone else in grief hold the faith in knowing that we are bonded to our loved ones beyond this world.

The reading session started quickly as I felt a woman in spirit standing to his right side.


About a year ago I met with a man who was very deep in his grief from the unexpected loss of his wife. He was trying to move forward and find a “new normal” for himself and his 12 year old daughter who also desperately missed her mother.

The reading session started quickly as I felt a woman in spirit standing to his right side. I told him that the woman is trying to give me her name.. it’s A.m.a… And Jake confirmed that her name was Amanda.

She then showed me two celebrations in April which for the first time Jake’s face began to crack a slight smile. April was his birthday and also their anniversary. She told me everything from the new paint in their bedroom to her 3 wedding rings and a piece of string, which this brought a moment of happiness to Jake’s expression, as if he and Amanda were sharing a private joke in that moment.

Hold the faith in knowing that we are bonded to our loved ones beyond this world….

Jake explained to me that Amanda had a bad habit of somehow losing her wedding rings, and after the third ring he jokingly promised the fourth would be a piece of string he would tie around her finger. And then he told me that he would have bought her a hundred rings..

I told him she had a message for their daughter Kaley. She thanked Kaley for the letter and she told Kaley to look for the ducks. Jake broke out with a laugh. He said Kaley always wanted a duck for a pet. Not a dog or a cat but a duck which we never gave her.

Months later I heard from Jake with an update. He told me that the letter Amanda mentioned was actually a poem Kaley wrote for her mom and read out loud at the family Christmas dinner. He sent me the poem.

” Mom if you’re in heaven please let me know you’re there, whisper to me ” yes I’m here” or gently touch my hair.

I want to hear you laugh again, I want to see you smile . If heaven’s not too far away can you come visit for a while?

Even though I miss you I know heaven needs you too, and I don’t mind to share because heaven needs an angel like you.”

About two weeks after Christmas Jake and Kaley heard a tap, tap, tap on the sliding glass door leading to their backyard. They opened the door to find a pair of ducks staring back at them. Jake had no idea how they could have gotten into the backyard.

Jake said these ducks walk with Kaley to school every morning. The ducks are now permanent pets and Kaley continues to talk to her mom and receive heavenly signs from her.

During this holiday season let’s all take a lesson from Kaley and invite your loved ones in spirit to join the celebration and you just may receive a sign from heaven!

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