Living Our True Authentic Lives

People in spirit have been a part of my world ever since my first life memories at the age of four.

Beginning with my great grandfather in spirit, then my grandfather in spirit, and by the time I was a teenager I had spirits regularly showing up at my bedside wanting me to pass a message along to their loved ones in our world.

Although at first it was a bit unnerving to have unknown  spirits in my personal space showing up for favors,  what I discovered was the immense spiritual blessings that would follow. The world of spirit feeds you energy, and never takes energy from you. The world of spirit feeds you unconditional love, self love, real joy, true empowerment.
Never fear your limitations, or any emotion that would make you feel less than a truly powerful creator. The world of spirit never takes without giving back. The energy exchange is always a pure intention. Us working together beyond worlds to help make life better for those suffering here on the physical plane.


As a child at four years old, I knew this. I felt the power of love, the power of unlimited energy, the power of loyalty they have for us.

So as a child at the age of 10 attending my first family funerals I thought it was odd to see the words “rest in peace” on their headstones. Why not “live in peace?” As a young child experiencing both worlds at the same time, I clearly knew that the world of spirit were the ones who were truly alive. Not us.

So What is the definition of being alive? As a young person I wondered what being alive truly  meant. Are we alive in our world where we have good times, hard times, life challenges, life successes. Or is it the spirit world where they are the world of abundance. Abundant energy, love, wisdom.

At the age of 11, I finally had the courage to ask a man in spirit what alive meant. I was embarrassed to ask because after all of my experiences with those in spirit I felt I should already  know the answer by now. He told me that I had helped him by relaying a message to his son in the physical world, therefore he was happy to help me with my question.

This very kind older gentleman shared with me that the definition of being alive  is an awakening to the universal truth.. That for us in physical existence being  alive is about releasing illusions and living our true authentic lives…

Now I was young.. and although I was very appreciative of his help it really took me some time to absorb this and really understand exactly what he meant. But the interesting thing about communicating with spirit is that I absorbed the information not only in my mind but in my heart, my spirit, my body, my cells. I actually felt the goodness of his words absorb through my skin. What he told me became a part of me. And that night I learned a very powerful lesson.

The clarity and enlightenment to realize that being alive isn’t a state of worlds or dimensions, being alive is a state of mind. And he went on to describe the state of being. What I’m sharing with you next is a version of the state of being. It was his teachings which I applied a version to our everyday lives and  challenges in hope that it helps you along your life journey.

Slow Down and Breathe


As women and men we fill our lives with responsibilities, obligations, and we set aside the fact that our first responsibilities and obligations are to honour ourselves, our needs, our wishes, our journey. To align ourselves with the emotions of love, joy, laughter, celebration, gratitude, forgiveness. This is what our creator wants for us! Nothing less..

Now what if I told you that you are here to live your true authentic life. To celebrate, gain wisdom, to experience joy, laughter, love..

And what if I told you that you have within your spirit the gift to find stillness and calm in a world filled with busyness and noise..

The gift to put yourself on the list because self love must always come first. Self love , self care, is not selfish. It’s SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL. How could we be the example for our children if we are just telling the story and going through the motions without authentically living it.  WE ARE ENTITLED TO SELF LOVE. How can we meet the needs in our professional careers if we’re emotionally, physically, spiritually taxed out of energy.

When you begin to tell yourself untruths that you are less than.. not good enough.. and when you feel the weight of the entire world on your shoulders … YOU ARE ENTITLED TO STOP!

When we complain about feeling low in energy this is our spirit giving us a warning call. A warning that we’re out of balance in the physical world, and the lack of balance is manifesting in our mind, body and spirit. WE ARE ENTITLED TO BALANCE IN OUR LIVES.

And when the world is screaming “meet my demands!” And your heart starts racing, and your mind starts racing with all the thoughts of guilt and shame for not being able to keep up with the demands. When you begin to tell yourself untruths that you are less than.. not good enough.. and when you feel the weight of the entire world on your shoulders … YOU ARE ENTITLED TO STOP! To breathe.. To pull your energy inward. To imagine a beautiful glass dome which covers your entire body and protects you against absorbing others’ energy.

Our physical plane is a beautiful planet which allows us many experiences for our spirits continued growth. However it is not in our divine agreement to compromise our vital emotions and energy to do so. This is not what our creator wants for us.

The key is remembering that when we feel a lack of energy and the levels of fear, disillusionment, despair, begin to set in, you need to have the tools to pull yourself into your powerful creator energy.

    1. Slow down. Breathe. Replace your thoughts of illusion with your authentic thoughts. From “I’m not good enough.” to “That’s not true. Of course I’m good enough. I’ve proven that by the mother, daughter, wife, employee I have become. And most of all I love myself and I take good care of myself and  my needs, first and foremost.”
    2. Continue  positive self talk. Your authentic truth. The more you practice, the faster you recognize and dispell the untruths.
    3. Put yourself on the list. Give yourself time every day to be with you. Even if it’s just five minutes. It’s about quality not quantity. Get familiar with your spirit. Ask yourself a question and wait for the answer to come. Not in your logical mind. The answer will come from that place in your spirit that reminds you of your true journey on this Earth. The answer will come to you in the form of a feeling, a vision, an emotion..  Make  a promise to yourself that you will keep this appointment every day.
    4. Take time out when you can to be in nature. We are constantly inundated with electronics, schedules, noise, and overwhelmed with the energy of others which we unknowingly absorb into our bodies as our own. This is not a conducive lifestyle for our physical being or our spiritual being. Our bodies and our spirit reject it in the form of panic attacks, anxiety, addictions, etc. The healthiest way to release the frenetic energy is by being in nature. Take your shoes off and walk in the dirt. This is very important! Your body needs to absorb the nutrients of the earth to help neutralize the adrenaline overload in your body. You are comprised of the very nutrients in the soil, so you are returning your body back to it’s natural state.Dip your toes in a lake or walk through a running stream. Water represents life. The vibration of the running water being absorbed through your skin helps to cleanse your chakras and align your energy to the highest vibration. The result will be a high, joyful level of  restored energy, and your spirit aligned to the highest, most positive thoughts. Powerful creative energy.
    5. Wanna know how to keep that powerful energy always in balance? Our beloved pets and nature animals are the greatest resource of high, balanced energy. They give  us the energy of unconditional love. They are some of the purest beings and healers on our planet and they radiate this beautiful energy. It’s so powerful that you don’t even need to touch them to receive the their all encompassing divine energy. Just being in nature and watching them from a distance is enough to feel the effects of their powerful energy. You will feel restored, renewed, peaceful, and a sense of being loved by others.
    6. Set clear boundaries for others. Many people will recognize the changes you are making for yourself and you may notice them fighting it a bit. They’re not sure what to expect from the new you. Don’t let anyone sabotage your self care! Setting boundaries right away will help you to stay on your path. Others will recognize they don’t have a vote when it comes to your self care and they will have to respect it.
    7. Energy in, energy out. Have time alone to yourself every day. This could be the same time you utilize in #3. Get familiar with how it feels to be in your energy alone. This is powerful because once you separate your energy from the energy of others you will begin to clearly recognize those who give you energy and those who steal your energy. Remember.. when you have a conversation with someone, you should leave that conversation feeling as energized as you did before meeting with them. Nothing less.

I hope some of this information helps you to navigate a little easier with your spiritual selves living in the physical world. My wish is for all to live your most powerful lives! Your life ambitions and dreams will guide you to your destined journey. It is your birth right to be living your authentic life! Embrace it! And then create, create, create!!

Jennifer Giles

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Embrace Your Authentic Life




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