Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Santa Cruz Boardwalk

I have spent more than 20 years in the Santa Cruz California area, living and breathing in the Pacific coast’s fresh air and relaxing experience. Much of my life  I traveled with my bands and we sometimes ate in places one might be afraid of dying in. From hawker stalls of Singapore and Taiwan to Cornwall and Teotihuacan. All were adventures and sometimes the adventure was quite unforgiving. But honestly, overall the food and the people were amazing, generous, and life expanding.

Now I wanna share a few of my favorite place to eat in Santa Cruz, the place I call home (but without the unforgiving part)!

Below is the first two on my go to list, with a little background on why I love them. I am only going to write about comfort foods for now. More on other types of eating coming soon.

  1. Zachery’s – Is and old school kind of establishment, dating back to 1983 and boy oh boy Breakfast delights – YUM YUM! If you wanna have high quality comfort food and great coffee out of a 1950’s style cup, oh yeah, this is it… lines are long, so be down there on the weekends by no later that 9am…. and I mean inside the building not driving up. Start with a wonderful Mikes Mess that will light you up if you like cheesy goodness and everything scrambled together! Or, if you come in a little later on and want lunch, you can get a killer grilled Tuna NYC style, hot homemade bread, crunchy and gooey too! (not gluten free, sorry, gluten free humans). Last but not least, don’t get me started on the thin style sourdough pancakes!
  2. Lillians Italian – Another charming spot with a bit of a vintage vibe, too. All recipes are from the grandmother (no doubt a badass goddess) of the family that owns this beautiful place. If you want a relaxed family style experience this is the place. No pretenses here and the prices are good, not over the top. Although, not really a low-carb kind of place, sometimes when it come to comfort foods and mom’s cookingWhateverTF, I am eating it! They are very friendly, down to earth, and they pay attention. Their Salads and anti-pasta is wonderful and spaghetti and meats balls are very special! 


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