Did you really?
Did you really?

Did you really think you can just wing it?

Why is it that so often when people hear that word BUDGET they automatically think it’s synonymous with restricting? It’s like budget = diet. (And diet is just die with a ‘t’ on the end, I won’t go into details about why dieting actually causes the very things that people think they want to get away from, nor will I talk in detail about body acceptance and how anti-fatphobia we are here, but rest assured I’m here with love to stop the self-hate. I promise.)

The fact is, budgeting actually gives you freedom.

I have a secret for you, amazing entrepreneurs. The fact is, budgeting actually gives you freedom. Yep. You read that right. Freedom.

As I’ve mentioned to you before in “Tracking your Money” you must measure your calls, success, results and money (budget). Get it out of your head and on to paper (documented).

Budgeting shouldn’t feel like squeezing into a pair of Spanx or eating only salad for dinner again. Having a budget should feel grounding. Like knowing you can order that extra pink sparkly martini with dinner, buy that hot red dress, or take that art class you know would fill your soul with joy.

Having a budget should feel grounding.
Having a budget should feel grounding.

If you want help, I’m here for you, I love connecting with amazing women. What I go over is simple enough to put on an excel spread sheet and I like to “gamify” it, make it fun! Have a “money date” and enjoy that I “get to” pay these bills.

That’s right, it is a privilege to pay your bills. Bills, believe it or not, are a measure of success in your business. When you leverage your business, you need support and I’m sure you would feel grateful to pay that bill so your business could grow.

Life is a choice and the clearer you are on what you want, the clearer the universe is on how to provide it.

This is how I set my students up for success. While learning real estate investing strategies, they then build their wealth with the money they created in their separate wealth account. Rinse and repeat to your heart’s desire.

Be a good steward of money.

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