Glenda at work
Glenda at work

Courage in choosing the extraordinary even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Once courage is shown and a promise is made – what inspires me and leaves me excited on a night such as this – writing this at 2.43 am in the morning – is that people see the value of being the source of their life i.e. that their word, their promise (as it is being kept) creates a whole new world. That their word creates a new destiny – heretofore never realized.

  • It is a simple choice.
  • To give birth to a dream takes love and courage.
  • It starts with a declaration that you will do it.
  • Then you do it.
  • Or you don’t.

But taking that first step. Oh that precious first step. When you wave goodbye to a past and say hello to a future. That can be scary and exciting. But once that step is taken, the air gets quiet and you face yourself and your choice and your obstacles.

But for once maybe, yourself, your choice and your obstacles are all one and the same. Maybe that is the greatest freedom of all.

Enjoy your day,

Sunil Bhaskaran

Executive Business and Marketing Coach – San Jose, Santa Cruz, Capitola, CA


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