Mirror Speaks The Truth - Come On Down - lyric video

Come On Down is about taking a stand, taking action, and taking responsibility with compassion and love.

Come on Down!

Above is our lyric video Come on Down, have a look and listen….

Really exciting to be sharing this with the world right now. This is the opening song from my new EP called Revival.

A shot across the bow, and a prelude to the upcoming album, Speaking Truth, Revival is about taking a stand for what’s right, against racism, bigotry, misogyny, and hypocrisy. What makes America great is its people of all colors, genders, ethnicities, and religions. Spin doctors, demagogues, and pompous pundits are trying desperately to divide us!

What makes America great is its people of all colors, genders, ethnicities, and religions

We have to stop giving in to the lies, otherwise these modern day snake oil salesmen will continue to pit us against each another when we should be reaching out, lending a hand, and listening intently when people speak their real truth.

Listen to those with different points of view, don’t judge blindly, get informed, and try and see where people are hurting… then offer to help, talk, make change happen.

Our country has always been inclusive. This is not about tribes or teams, we are all in this together. This country IS our’s!

Let’s not let politics divide us…. reach across the isle, across the table, across the cultures and grab someone’s hand. Hold On, let them know you’re there and you’ll stand up for them against this authoritarian movement.

Revival EP Cover
Revival EP Cover

It does not matter if you’re republican, democrat, independent, green, black, red, white, yellow, boy, girl, undecided, all of the above, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Wiccan, Taoist, MMA or any shades in between.

Grow past your prejudices and see what havoc this administration is wreaking on your future, your children’s futures. Don’t you want something better for them, for yourself?

Come on Down, Hold On, and have Courage (the three songs on Revival)….

I’m really proud of this EP and am super excited about the upcoming album. You can buy the EP now through the Mirror Speaks the Truth website, on iTunes, Bandcamp, and more. Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and others.

Glenda working out a song while walking in Santa Cruz
Glenda working out a song while walking in Santa Cruz


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