Yes, you do and for several reasons. Of course, we have heard them all and the urgency is pounding our subconsciousness thoughts but here we are with the same results just a different day.

As we get older the seriousness seems to be knocking harder and louder!

I’ve alway been active, but as a singer, songwriter and entertainer I’m concerned about my appearance and overall health. I knew that image sets an a precedence and an impression on the way people identify their experience of you. So, for me, alignment on how I look and feel is imperative.   

I always felt the cultural and business pressure to look good and more than anything, to feel good. It’s fundamental and salient. It really hit me hard that longterm and ongoing well-being was what I wanted at my core. I’m in great health, but we all age and it’s never too late to be mindful of a wholistic approach to my workouts.

Working out does not always sound fun, nor does driving to the gym to do what I don’t want to do… honestly it’s probably gonna be a no go. Especially if I have gained a bit of weight and feel self conscious about what I might see in the mirror at the gym as I walk by.

I felt that being at the gym, wasting time that I really didn’t have, or actually didn’t want to spare, was making exercise non-existent on my motivation list.

Around early 2018 I was introduced to new lifestyle shift. I believe that every year and every season it’s time to for a reboot, time to look at what your body, mind and spirit needs today. This lifestyle shift was exactly what I needed at that time.

I was doing something like 3 to 4 hours of exercise and movement each week with less than 2 minutes of intense work.

This lifestyle shift involved going to the gym a lot less, i.e. pretty much never as the weather where I live tends to be great. And overall my time spent working out diminished greatly.

Basically, I’m spending about 1 to 2 minutes a week doing intense exercise, maybe another 15 minutes twice a week doing bodyweight exercises, and another couple hours a week walking, playing, and generally moving at a slow to moderate pace. I was doing something like 3 to 4 hours of exercise and movement each week with less than 2 minutes of intense work. Total.

And the results have been excellent. I lost and then maintained my weight and my overall health improved. I couldn’t believe it! It seemed to be too easy. NO PAIN, NO GAIN. We were all sold that slogan. Here, I am doing about a minute of intense work, I’m injury free, maintaining my weight and improving my health. Wow!

I lost weight, kept it off and feel lighter in my body, mind, and spirit. I also added a Keto way of eating into my lifestyle. I’m not a keto-purist, but I try and keep my carb count on the low side with plenty of good fats and protein. This combo is perfect for me and my way of being.

All the dieting I’ve done gave me some results but it was never sustained because it wasn’t part of my lifestyle. But it was fast and got me now results, but who wants to eat and live on a restricted diet for life. No one, right? That was why creating a lifestyle in food and workout should be in a flow, something you love and want to do effortlessly.

Yes, it can happen.

Here is a workout option for you. Mark’s Daily Apple site ( is brimming with great info and offers lots of options so you can zero in on what works best for you based on your lifestyle wants and goals. Check it out and see if this appeals to you too. Maybe even try it on.  Hope this helps you find flow, fun and freedom. ENJOY!

Glenda Benevides  musician, storyteller, activist, good human

Exercise and Diet


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