Busting the Myth of Being a Fraud
Busting the Myth of Being a Fraud

Busting the Myth of Being a Fraud

Do you have a burning desire to share your gifts and wisdom with the world and yet you doubt that you are good enough, so it you holds back?

You compare yourself to other successful master coaches who have thousands of followers and who are making 7-figures and you think, “How do I ever get there? Who am I? Nobody will listen to me when there are much better experts out there!”

You think of yourself as a fraud because you are not as successful as other people in your field. You don’t believe you have enough knowledge to help others. So you tell yourself to get the next certification before you put yourself out there.

You think that the next certification will magically give you the credibility that will magnetize people to you.

Or you think you first need to get everything in order on social media, your website, your brand, etc.

Do you have a burning desire to share your gifts and wisdom with the world and yet you doubt that you are good enough?

Sounds familiar?

Let me clarify this for you. Yes it’s true and it is also not true.

Every expert, master coach, famous speaker, best selling author and influencer started at point zero. Every entrepreneur like you has to get their first client. The success you see other people achieve did not happen overnight. It’s something they have built from the ground up.

Although there are many coaches, healers and experts giving the same services, everybody is different and unique and so are you. You have your special secret sauce in how you do what you do that nobody else has.

Our mess is our message and it is our unique mess and our unique experience that gives us our unique way to help others.

You are not here to be a copycat or stand in the shadow of anybody. You are here to serve the people that need you. Your ideal clients that are looking for the specific results that you provide.

Working with the Creative Mind, with Source or God or Universal Laws, is to work from the premise that your Supply is Unlimited and that you are here to create and not to compete. There is no need to compare or compete.

We are all here to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and make our unique difference.

Be you real authentic self whatever that may be!
Be you real authentic self whatever that may be!

The questions to rather answer for your self are:

Are you willing to start from zero and enjoy the journey of building your significant contribution? Are you willing to appreciate every client growing your business and appreciate your own growth at the same time?

It is in the growing of your business a client at a time, and growing yourself that you become the master coach and influencer. There is no shortcut.

Are you passionate enough about sharing your gifts to stay the course of building your business, knowing the impact you can and desire to make?

Are you willing to focus on enjoying the journey and not just focus on the destination, appreciating how the momentum of the small successes create huge leaps forward?

Are you willing to invest in yourself and your business to grow it from the seed it may be now to the manifestation of your awesome vision?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you are on the right track and path that every successful entrepreneur has traveled. And is still traveling.

The only way forward is taking the next step even though you feel vulnerable and way out of your comfort zone. You are brave and courageous and there is absolutely nothing that indicates otherwise. Because it is in us feeling vulnerable and putting ourselves out there that we build our confidence and evidence of success!

Here’s to feeling like a fraud, because it inspires you to step up and become the leader that your clients want to work with as it inspires them to step up too.

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