When we wish for change, make a call for action, no point sitting doing nothing, write down a plan.

It is helpful to understand that the universe supplies all your needs, then, now and in the future. Believe and trust the process while actioning the plan of your dreams.

It is essential to understand that your future success is dependent on others as well, unite with and know that we are all interdependent and even life itself.

As the cogs turn in the wheel of time, allow this universal all-knowing to become the driver of your dreams. It may surprise you to know that everything always happens at the right time. When you think that you want something now, right now but you are struggling and what you want is not happening in the time frame you want, think sincerely about that which you are trying to achieve.

Ask yourself are you ready, right now, to have what you want? Often the universe knows better because every plan is dependent on its success for a multitude of external forces and it might be that all the ingredients are not available to sanction your dreams, ideas and goals. What if the right people are not in place to support you or work with you? Don’t give up, keep going but understand if you put out your vision to the universe then the universe will support and supply you with all you need to become successful and live your vision.

Understanding this universal force will bring you to the knowledge needed for the combination of the right time when all the ingredients to fulfill your plan will align.

The maestro who balances time, space, energy into matter is performing in the background bringing forth and piecing together all that is required for your success.

Don’t waste your time wishing for your dream to come true, rather believe you have everything you need right now to have your vision.

Timing is all about precision, the precision of everything lining up to complete your dream. Keep working, and most importantly work on your understanding of yourself, work on the most delicate parts of your vision and make sure the idea you dream of is one you truly want.

For example, say you imagine that you want to create masses of money. Your vision is to work with individuals as a life coach. To make the money, you dream about; you will have to work forty hours plus every week. But part of you does in truth, not want to work all those hours; you want your freedom, you want to walk, chill out with friends and travel. So, your plan is flawed.

When working on whatever you are trying to create, ensure that your result is one that feeds you and then all aspects of your vision will work for you.



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