Language Of Color
Language Of Color

What if I could tell you that through the language of colour we can discover the full significance of a person’s true nature, identify the hidden self, and furthermore reveal the beliefs, patterns, conditions, and issues that a person has come to believe are their own.

Colour allows you to be able to decide and act with your gut, heart, soul and mind in unison. Colour cuts to the core of our being; your colour choices will reveal how you can access your freedom from any emotional blockages, fears, over-thinking or worry. Colour enables us to create new ways of understanding ourselves and others while forming new behavioural and communication skills.

Colour enables us to create new ways of understanding ourselves and others….

Do you feel that there should be more to your life? Are you looking to develop a new or more in-depth understanding of the spiritual aspects of your being? Think about the life you are choosing to live at this very moment? What is it that you want to change about your life at this very moment? What is it that you want to do with your life at this very moment and in the future? What stops you from doing that which you seek in this very moment and the future? What excuses do you use to prevent yourself from doing what it is you want to do at this very moment?

Did you know that your life story is significant?

Your life story is the journey you have taken over many different incarnations. When at a crossroads in life it is helpful and essential to know and understand who you are, what and why you are here on Earth, your place in life, and how you can implement better choices, new directions and live a prosperous, happy future.

Next time we’ll cover a bit about The Power Of Colour. – Alison

Power Of Color
Power Of Color

Would you like to know more?

Contact Alison for a, Own Your Power, Card Reading, that will highlight your concerns, issues and programmed thinking through your colour choices. Alison will guide you through the process of understanding your main emotional, spiritual, mental and physical blockages, and/or if you are at a crossroads in life, will offer you clarity on how and what to change and develop. This process will enable you to become happier, more successful and ‘in your element’.



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