A word from GBG Founder, Glenda Benevides

Hello all and welcome to the site.

My name is Glenda Benevides, founder of this wicked cool community of ever evolving, empowered, Badass Goddesses. Below is a little background about who I am, and some things I believe in.

I never thought of myself as a princess, or a girl, nor someone of the female persuasion, and especially a not a Badass Goddess.

I was just me, no labels no attitudes just me. As a kid growing up in Oakland California and then Salem Oregon – I was never pushed nor told that I had to be anything but me. I kinda raised myself and was free to explore what that all meant. 

I grew up with working class parents who worked a lot and they never told me who, how or what I should be.

I was very lucky I guess and I know that now. I am deeply grateful for all the freedom to explore and to develop into who I thought I should be at each stage of my life. Life was mine to explore. I went on evolving myself as my own inner guidance led me to do. I listened a lot and walked my path that sometimes brought me to painful outcomes,  but it made me stronger in many ways.

I knew from an early age that I had a natural passion for singing, and that passion led me to jumping into singing opportunities all the time.

Around age thirteen I knew I wanted to make a difference by touching people’s hearts through music. It felt kinda like a call to destiny to my young mind. By the time I was leaving high school, I was on a roll and I wanted to be the best. The best singer, the best performer, and I wasn’t gonna stop. I went on to make a good living singing and preforming all the while getting to travel the world. Wow! Fond memories…. It was an ongoing adventure growing into my self through my art and seeing amazing people and cultures of our world!

As I grew into myself, and grew older, I really began to look around and see in ways I hadn’t before.

At this stage of life (late twenties to early thirties), most people are settling down, and many abandon or put aside any dreams they still have. I wasn’t willing to do that. I found a fact of life for me was to always find a way to embrace my own truth, my hidden or not so hidden dreams, to step out, and live in the wonderment of life that is who I am and who I could be. I was wondering “What would it really be like to embrace courage and be a Badass?”

Which brings me to the last 17 years of transition, struggle, confusion and stepping into intensely working on many many projects. I’ve developed myself and grown better at being a producer, executive producer, story designer, songwriter, recording artist, actress, podcaster, show host,  and more. And I’m still working on that development and probably always will be. Life is how you want to perceive it and then what you do to shift toward your vision, your goals, your full realization. 

My life continues to be a deepening flow of all that is good and challenging and I plan to continue to develop, grow and share all of it with others.  We can shape a vision of the world we all want to have and share that with the coming generations.

So, here we are! Time to share and declare. We all have amazing stories to share, passions that burn to be  discovered or challenged, and our most complete selves to realize. Let’s truly take it beyond any common expectations!

Through fully realizing ourselves, embracing and nurturing our passions, and generously sharing love we can do anything! Let’s take on our own greatness, accountability, and be responsible for how amazing we all are! Let’s all become, Global Badass Goddesses! 

Thank you for your love and passion…

– Glenda Benevides, Global Badass Goddess advocate


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