5 Steps to Bust the Curse of the Unclear Niche

I have been really going on about clarity and although that may sound like a broken record, it is just too important not to focus on it.  Check the relevance of it to you as you think for a moment about the health of your business.

Is your business thriving and overflowing with clients queuing outside your door to work with you?

If it is, then you know that your niche is specific with a clear message that is reflected in your brand, all aligned and without question it is evident who you are, what you do, who do you it for, and what they get working with you.  And you know and appreciate what it took to get to where you are basking in the bliss of flow.

If your business is not overflowing with clients, then something is amiss.  There is most probably some disconnection between your message and your audience.  They don’t get you and you don’t get them.  It is like you are speaking French they are speaking German.  You don’t get to help the people who need you and they don’t get the help they need.

The consequences of this disconnection are:

  • A trickling of clients who are most probably not your ideal clients that you don’t enjoy working with and the feeling is mutual.
  • Money is not flowing and sustaining your business or you.
  • The fear of lack of money expands to fear of being unworthy and not good enough.
  • As you are focusing on the absence of clients and money, that is what you are energizing and manifesting.

So what is the solution? What does a clear niche consist of and look like? What it comes down to is specificity.

There are riches in niches that are narrow and deep and the opposite is true for niches that are broad and shallow. 

For me, your Niche is your Soul-Purpose and is absolutely unique to you in the way that you do what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

Step 1

Let’s start with you. Who are you and what are you about? What is your expertise and how do you like to express that? It’s crucial here to think what you love most and enjoy most.

Even though you are superwoman and God’s gift to coaching and you can do everything, you have to choose something. I really don’t mean this in a sarcastic way when I say you can do everything. You are blessed with many talents and can help many people in many different ways from health, to love, to money, career, etc.  So if this is you, then choose the specialty that you enjoy most – that gives you most self-gratification.

Remember, it is not to say that if you decide that you are relationship coach, that you will never help someone who has a health problem. The person who has the relationship problem probably has a health issue as well.  So it’s not to say that you won’t help people who have health issues, you just don’t market to them.

So, who are you? How do you see yourself? What do you want to be known for and why?

Step 2

The second step of determining your niche is who you enjoy working with. Again, you can work with anybody, but what group of people makes you feel excited to work with?  It’s mostly people like you.  Firstly think of demographics like gender, age, education, finances, relationship status, etc.

Then explore the psychographics like hobbies, interests, spirituality, physicality, what they do for fun, travel, etc. You want to create an avatar, one person that represents your ideal clients.

Why do you want to work with this group of people?

Step 3

The next step answers the question of what is the problem that you solve for them? What are they struggling with that is easy for you to solve? Here you explore their fears and desires, of what they want instead of the challenges they experience. What is your solution? In other words, how to do help them?

It is absolutely essential that you do your market research and ascertain that the problem you solve for your ideal audience is in fact a problem that they want solved and that they are willing to pay for it.

Why do you want to solve this problem?

Step 4

The most important part of your niche is the tangible result of your solution. The tangible result that they will see, hear and feel in their business and life.  Clients don’t buy a feeling, they buy what that feeling allows them to do. They buy what they can do as a result of working with you that they could not do before.

They don’t care how you do what you promise, they only care about the result.

Also explore the knock-on effect of the result on their relationships, health, wealth as well as the impact on their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Why do you create this tangible result?

Step 5

Now you have the components to craft your message that weaves your answers of the previous steps into a statement that compels the person who asks what you do for a living to say, “How do you do that?” For example, instead of saying, “I am a relationship coach,” to say, “I help couples who have drifted apart to ignite their intimacy again.”

Once you can narrow down your niche to the point where you can describe a person that represents your client from what she like to have for breakfast to the size dress she wears to the type of yoga class she prefers, you will find that you get really excited about finding your clients and attracting them to you.

Why? Because now you speak their language in every way you communicate to them and about them. They identify with that and feel heard and they feel drawn to you.

This then shines through in your brand – that what you stand for and are passionate about. It allows you to have a red velvet rope policy where you only admit people that you know you will enjoy working with and you know the results they will get.

Now you get your self-gratification as a coach, mentor, healer, consultant, expert, speaker, author and your business is booming with clients and money flowing to you.

To complete the picture is to create a Clear Vision or check if what you have chosen here is aligned with your vision to welcome in prosperity.

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Dina Marais



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