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I feel these are just a few common questions that we could ask ourselves if we find our business, friendships and life NOT in a flow. I thought I would share my thoughts on each one of these and I hope you find it helpful.

Do you build up women around you?

If we are free of self doubt at our core, feel secure in who we are and what we do, it’s easier to want to build up people around us. We then experience a sense of freedom and generosity naturally becomes our guide  into action. This act of effortless sharing becomes the reflection of love and service in each of us.

Do you attract other women who can honestly support you and are they there for you when you need them the most?

Attraction is the first step! If you are seeing and feeling your own gloriousness while sharing it freely, people automatically want to know you, talk with you and give it back to you. You become the bright star that reflects the light!

Are YOU being the friend that YOU want?

Be the friend you want

Most of us want that amazing friend but never express what it is we think an amazing friend is with each other, nor consciously be that friend for others we deeply care about. Best to ask questions and listen with an open heart. Take one small step, reach out when they don’t expect it, bring them soup if they don’t feel well, watch their dog while they take a break, or just be available to truly listen. You get the idea.

*Make a list of 10 things you would want to have happen from a good friend. How would that impact your life?

Do you take care of yourself first or last?

Most of us think of ourself last, especially women who have children or animals or both. Not to mention a career. That usually puts us over the edge and sometimes it becomes an anthem of “I’ll get to me later” and later never comes, until it’s too late.

*Schedule at least one thing a day to take care of yourself this will help you practice kindness to self. Once you fill your own tank there will be so much more to go around.

Are you a complainer, or act like a martyr in life and love? Then wonder why you are alone?

Guess you need to answer this yourself? Being a victim of life and love is not attractive, nor is it getting you want you want in life.

Be mindful of your thoughts, words and then actions to see if you are playing out your negative thoughts. Then when you catch yourself, make a note, then replace it with something more uplifting and empowering e.g. “I am a lovable women and everyone wants to support me”. It’s up to you!

Are you the woman you wanna be? These are my thoughts and experiences with my own trails of life and love.

Glenda Benevides  musician, storyteller, activist, good human



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