I know we all have extremely busy lives, if we’re not running our own business, we’re taking care of family and their needs or we’re just plain avoiding life somehow. Ok, well I was just seeing if you were paying attention and not avoiding this conversation. Sometimes we do check out of life, and want to run away and avoid our responsibilities.

This is true but what about nurturing friendships? What does friendship really mean to you and maybe to a close friend? Have you ever asked them? Well, here are a few areas that I feel create a foundation for a nurturing and thriving friendship. Below I wrote a few qualities that we might put a spot light on. The question I would start with is: Am I being a good friend and partner? These Essentials always go both ways!

Great Friends!
Great Friends!


  • Dependability
  • Sincerity
  • Generosity
  • Reciprocation
  • Forgiveness

Being a Dependable friend is someone who keeps their word.

This makes for a stable and long lasting reliability with each other. You know you can count on them and them you. They and You will be there if you truly need them, no matter what! This brings intimacy and deep connection with each other.

A Sincere friend is someone who is truly authentic in who they are, it’s sharing their insights and honest feelings that they may have with you.

Its also the willingness and opportunity to share humility, humanity, truthfulness and candor with integrity even in the moments of angst.

A Generous friend can actually be many things for different people at different times.

Mostly it is an experience you walk away with at the end of a interaction. It’s a feeling of completeness. It can look like spending time, undivided (no phones) focused on them or in the conversation you are having. It could be with just a simple words (not in mind) like: “You look radiant today” or maybe just taking a min to think about picking up a flower to share or a card or maybe even their favorite cupcake! If you were really on top of things you could take a moment to offer some support somehow, or just a loving hug. All of this means something to a thriving friendship.

A friend that Reciprocates shows other friends that they are appreciated and respected

It only takes a min to show your heart – giving back in some way always feels good on some level.

A Forgiving friend is one with a willingness to look for the truth, that what was said or done is maybe not the whole truth.

That it might be a misconception, interpretation of yours that can create misunderstandings easily. One person is thinking something, the other person is thinking something else. There are the seeds for a conflict. The next half of forgiveness is to start with asking the questions. Be curious why and find out what might have been misread or if it was? Try to remember that usually real friends aren’t trying to hurt each other, that it might be just a mistake or a bad day. Then to take responsibility for ones own truth and experiences and be willing to see it in another way or another light. See it from love. (hard) Last, just let go, truly let go and forget, then forgive yourself and your friend. If you do this it can create powerful forgiveness, not just lip service, then you bring it all back up at a later date. Nope… that’s not forgiveness.

Friend to friend
Friend to friend


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