4 Tips for Better Digestion

Do you struggle with digestion issues?

It’s NOT normal to struggle with digestion. That is your body telling you something is wrong.

Have you experienced…

  • Constipation
  • Bloated belly
  • Weight that won’t budge
  • Brain fog and poor memory
  • Feeling fatigued throughout your day

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone!

Many women suffer from digestion issues.

Why is that?

If you’re not vigilant about the food you eat and haven’t been for years, you could be harming your intestines and leaving yourself open to digestion issues and disease.

Here is what health intestines versus not -healthy intestines look like:

On the left you see a healthy intestine. Everything is running smoothly and nutrients are getting absorbed properly. Happy Day!

On the right you see an unhealthy intestine. The brown cut open piece is food that hasn’t been fully absorbed and eliminated from the body.

You also see part of the intestines that have atrophied (muscle isn’t firing anymore) and are no longer able to push-food through your system.

This happens for many reasons and one is if you are under stress and not eating in a relaxed state.

When you eat under stress acid burns through the neuron endings of the muscles that move your food down and they end-up dying off. When that happens you might turn to laxatives for support.

Laxatives do more harm than good. They suck water from your system to push things out. The bulk from the fiber of a laxative can cause irritation in the lining of your gut causing more inflammation.

What can you do?

Here are 4 things to help your intestines:

  1. Chew your food at least 25 times before you swallow. That will allow the enzymes in your mouth to start to breakdown your food
  2. Take a non-GMO, organic enzyme to help your stomach acid breakdown food
  3. Take 9-deep breaths before you eat to relax your system
  4. Detox and cleanse your system

Your intestines need your help! They can’t do it alone.

If you eat…

  • Fast food on the go
  • Mostly non-organic, GMO foods (If it’s not labeled, non-GMO, it’s GMO)
  • Sugar or drink sodas and especially diet sodas
  • Under stress

Your intestines are having a hard time supporting you and are most likely inflamed and irritated.

I know I’ve been telling you about the detox I’running and if you’re ready to feel better, have more energy and clean-out your system of poor food choices, this detox was created for you!

I’d love to support you!

Your Fitness Ally,





Michelle Melendez-Fitness & Health Expert

P.S. Give your body a chance to heal and support you better. You deserve that!



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