Music as Medicine
Music as Medicine

Three ways Music is Medicine:

#1 Music can be your best friend.

Music is available to provide insights, emotional support, or advice. Listening to music releases dopamine – a feel good hormone and this makes you feel uplifted. There are so many songs in our world that create a powerful or magical experience and/or sets or resets our mood.

#2 Music helps you thrive.

When I have been at the gym, walking along the beach or my version of running, I curate the perfect playlist of my favorite songs along with my own music and I head out on my journey. It truly shifts my day and I feel like I was only out for a 10 min workout, when I was actually out for over 30 mins. It’s effortless. It really makes me keep going in a seamless way! I feel happier, less tired and pumped for the day.

#3 Music is like a meditation.

Walking, running or just watching the ocean waves the music sets a cinematic background soundtrack for the experience I am having or creating. Sometimes it’s a release to cry, to let it all out, and sometimes it’s a celebration of the beautiful life I’m living now. It always brings me to gratitude for all the amazing people and wonders I have in my life.

Glenda - mandolin medicine
Glenda – mandolin medicine

So much value in music that we all take for granted or dismiss in our daily lives. Music is healing, it is inspiring, loving, empowering and as it serves us to learn, help or just escape your own world for the moment.

Whatever you use music for, it’s a gift and a service to us all!

When you make your playlist today, or maybe you go see a band, take a moment to honor and be aware it took a lot of love to get those words and melodies to your ear. The next time you see a band, walk up to them, shake their hand and say,”Thank you!

I’d love to share the music of my Mirror Speaks the Truth band with you. Our latest EP is available here:

Mirror Speaks the Truth Revival EP

The experience and the music you just heard took time, energy, and loving effort to bring to you today! Thanks for taking the time to listen and for letting us share it with you.

We are all so blessed to have music be the catalyst to our future, culture and our daily lives. This expressed effort is powerful and that is medicine.



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