Create your own financial security!
Create your own financial security!

I was just being interviewed and he couldn’t believe his ears.

I said “yeah, People always seem to think I’m on drugs when I say that.  The fact is, it’s very doable.”  NOT in metropolitan area’s so don’t get me wrong, it’s not everywhere but it is in multiple states.  

Why would you do this, because you are looking for:

Cash Flow
Tax Write off
Build Portfolio

Affordable entry into real estate investing

1) Cash-flow – typically the rents are still very comparable in non- metropolitan areas.  When you purchase a $50,000 house with $2000 down payment you have a note of $48,000 and your monthly payments are approximately $325.00/month which gives you the minimum rule of $200/mo cash flow when rents are at the low end $525.  I just landed one and I’m renting mine for $900/mo and my mortgage is $333/mo

2) Tax Write off – There are two reasons for a tax write off here. a) there is a depreciation you can take on the building
b) if it is in a location you like to visit, you can write it off as a business trip.

3) Build Portfolio – sometime having the expansion of a portfolio is easier to do in a lower priced area.   You can create your cash flow faster and quiet your J.O.B.

4) Affordable entry into real estate investing – some people don’t realize how simple it is to get cash flow from real estate. That’s where I can help.

What you are NOT looking for in this market is:

Fix and Flip

You can take this into a whole other direction if you have money to put down I suggest Multi-Family to build your portfolio fast.  I’ll save that for another time, or we can speak further in person if you want to hear how I’m acquiring 95 and 160 unit buildings in Texas.

You can reach me at

Just send me an email if you need more detail or have questions, until then, I’ll catch you on my FB Live I have “chat with Jo Anna” every Thursday at 12:30 EST where you can learn live and ask question.

Making it happen, to your success

Jo Anna

Investment properties can be key!
Investment properties can be key!


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