15 Ways Down To Earth People Do Things Differently

1. They think before they speak

Authentic people are not driven by their emotions and they know how to assess a situation before giving their input. They will also not give unsolicited advice.

2. They speak for what is right; not for what is popular

Standing up for what is right isn’t always easy to do, especially when faced by peers and elders who think differently. It takes confidence and courage to stand firm with grace in the face of scrutiny.

3. They indulge in conversations with depth

They don’t gossip

Authentic people aren’t captivated by mainstream hype, the next it girl or guy or the latest trend in the media. They desire for a deep and meaningful conversation and connection. They want to explore your mind, your heart and your soul and have it reciprocated in return.


4. They don’t pay attention to gossip or drama

It is said that gossip stops upon meeting wise ears, and gossip always stops with an authentic person.

They don’t take kindly to those who choose to speak harshly of other behinds their backs and make a non-judgmental note to be wary and not to participate in that way of being.

5. They are comfortable being alone.

Authentic people are comfortable alone because they are in a position of love and acceptance of themselves and others and are not lonely.

6. They value life as an experience rather than a collection of goods.

Authentic people value each and every moment and each experience. They understand that the best things in life can’t be bought or sold. Life to them is about living, being present, caring, loving and giving, not having, taking, demanding and expecting.

7. They appear as an introvert, but are very outgoing.

Authentic people highly regard their alone time. Time to recharge, rewire, rejuvenate. They are often mistaken for a recluse, but when exposed to social gathering they can be very outgoing and friendly. Too much time in social circles will become draining on them, and will likely be one of the first to slip off early for a nice relaxing evening at home.

8. They trust their gut, inner voice and listen to their instincts.

Authentic people know how to listen to themselves and can appreciate the moments where they didn’t as another opportunity to trust themselves more. Yet neutral and open to hearing others insights as well.

9. They follow their heart

Follow your heart

Authentic people follow their hearts no matter how far, how crazy and how much it may hurt.

10. They love themselves first

Authentic people know that in order to support or help someone you have to “put the mask on yourself first then do it for another.” And not only when the plane is going down. No one is an inspiration unless they are inspired by their own real care of self first. Self care first is the doorway to inspiring and loving others authentically.

11. They don’t take it personally

Authentic people know that when someone is rude, critical or even spiteful that it has more to do about the other person than it does about them. Authentic people can have compassion for others and show a sense of understanding, no matter the words spoken

12. They do things their own way, make their own path, and their own mistake

Authentic people don’t care how it is “supposed” to be done, the joy of living is learning, and learning in our own unique ways.

13. They see the value in life

All life has value, from the tiniest insect to the largest mammal, we are here on this earth together and all life has meaning.

Life to them is about living, being present, caring, loving and giving, not having, taking, demanding and expecting.

14. They see whats under the surface

Authentic people don’t focus on whats on the surface, and they prefer to see whats hidden underneath. They quite often don’t take words at face value, and they can hear the emotions behind the words being spoken. And are curious as to what is truly being said. It’s always a matter of: Am I truly listening, and what am I  listening for? More to be said on this…

15. They see the world from a higher perspective

When you live true to yourself, with love, hope, strength, courage and commitment you can’t help but view the world from an expanded perspective. You have a clear and strong inner core and you can’t wait to support others to rise to the top.

Glenda Benevides musician, storyteller, activist, good human

See the world from a higher perspective


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